The idea of a partnership between CASBS (Stanford University) and Books & Ideas / La Vie des Idées (Collège de France) stemmed from the common ambition of our two institutions to enrich the public debate through cutting-edge empirical work in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Although a sixty-year interval separates the birth of these two institutions - CASBS was created right after World War II, while La Vie des Idées / Books & Ideas was launched in 2008, the year of the financial crisis - both were designed with a common goal: to make sense of a world in crisis and undergoing massive social change.

Both also aim to facilitate the circulation of ideas and their dissemination across all social strata as well as across national boundaries. These shared values are at the heart of our partnership and we hope that the content we produce together will help disseminate the ideas and analyses we present to an even wider audience in both the French- and the English-speaking worlds.
Our partnership will focus on three types of publications which will appear simultaneously in French and in English: reviews of books recently entered into the Ralph W. Tyler Collection; intellectual portraits of influential and eminent former CASBS fellows; interviews of current CASBS fellows and faculty members.

Our partners

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