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Leïla Vignal

Leïla Vignal is a Lecturer in Geography at the University Rennes-2. A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and a PhD in geography, she has worked for European Commissioner for Commerce Pascal Lamy (2001-2004). She was also an associate researcher at the CNRS (2004-2006), a Deakin Fellow at Saint Antony’s College, Oxford (2006-2007) and a Marie Curie Fellow at Oxford University’s Middle East Centre (2008-2010).
She has authored many publications on the Near East and globalisation, including :
Vignal L., 2005, « Bachar al-Assad, les voies étroites de la réforme », in La vie des idées dans le monde, Juillet-Août 2005, Paris, 8 pages.

Vignal L., 2007, “Battling the Lion of Damascus Syria’s Domestic Opposition and the Asad Regime”, by Seth Wikas (Policy Focus n° 69, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, May 2007), in La vie des idées dans le monde, Novembre-Décembre 2007, Paris, 4 pages.

Pierrot G, Vignal L., 2007, « La Grande-Bretagne, les travaillistes, Gordon Brown et l’Europe », in La Vie des Idées dans le Monde, Juillet/Août 2007, Paris, 10 pages.

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