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Anne Steiner

Anne Steiner is a Sociology Lecturer at the University Paris-Ouest Nanterre, and a specialist of political movements displaying an existential conception of struggle. From the early 20th century to the present day, her work focuses on anarchists and the Red Army Fraction. Her publications include RAF : Guerilla urbaine en Rpublique fdrale allemande (Lchappe, 2006, 253 p.); Les En-dehors : anarchistes individualistes et illgalistes la Belle poque (Lchappe, 2008, 254 p.); Le Got de lmeute, manifestations et violence de rue dans Paris et sa banlieue la Belle poque (Lchappe, 2012, 208 p.) and Rirette, linsoumise (Milles Sources, Tulle, 2013, 152 p.), the latter addressing the figure of the individualistic anarchist.
Anne Steiner has also analysed the social functions of cafs in working-class neibourhoods, as shown in her book Belleville Cafs, Lchappe, 2010 (with Sylvaine Conord), 120 p. She recently contributed to Les Anarchistes, dictionnaire biographique du mouvement libertaire francophone, Les ditions de lAtelier, 2014).

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