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Frédérique Leblanc

Frédérique Leblanc is Associate Professor in sociology at the Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre and is a member of the CRESPPA-CSU (Paris 8-CNRS). Her research focuses on professional identities and social representations in professional groups.
She is currently conducting a research project entitled “Sales Staff in Bookstores: Cultural Engagement and Social Invisibility. Work Content and Quality of Employment Status” in the context of a call for research from the DEPS (Ministry of Culture) concerning “The Quality of Work in the Artistic and Cultural Professions”.
She also edited the section entitled “The Bookstore: New Competitors, New Forms of Business (1945-2007)”, p. 245-670 in the volume edited by Patricia Sorel et Frédérique Leblanc, Histoire de la librairie française, Paris, Electre Éditions du Cercle de la librairie, 2008.

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