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Manon Laurent

Manon Laurent is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the Université de Paris and in political science at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). Her work explores state-society relations in urban China. More specifically, she focuses on parenting as a process of politicization of the Chinese middle class. Her thesis focuses on the way the commodification of educational resources and the integration of China into a global normative space transform parents into political actors. She has taught at Nanjing University, Concordia University and the Université de Paris. She has published in the journal Urbanités and in the collective volumes Disciplines scolaires et cultures politiques (dir. Patricia Legris et Jeremie Dubois, PUR) and Social Welfare in India and China, A Comparative Perspective (dir. Gao Jianguo, Rajendra Baikady, Lakshamana and Cheng Shengli, Routledge).

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