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Marion Amblard

Marion Amblard is a senior lecturer at the IUT of Valence, Grenoble Alpes University and is a member of the French Society for Scottish Studies. Her research mainly focuses on Scottish painting from the XVIIIth century onwards. She has published several articles on Scottish art, the representation of Scottish identity in the visual arts and Jacobite painters.

Her recent publications include: “English and Scottish Jacobite painters in eighteenth-century Rome”, in Living with Jacobitism, 1690-1788 (2014) edited by Allan I. Macinnes, Kieran German and Lesley Graham; “The evolution of the representation of Highland landscapes by Scottish painters between the XVIIIth and the XXIst centuries”, in Environmental and Ecological Readings (2015) edited by Philippe Laplace; “Allan Ramsay’s A Dialogue on Taste: a painter’s call to break free from English artistic conventions”, in Taking Liberties. Scottish Literature and Expressions of Freedom (2016) edited by Ian Brown, David Clark and Rubén Jarazo-Álvarez; “Le fantastique dans l’œuvre de John Bellany (1942-2013)”, in Otrante. Art et littérature fantastiques, n°41, 2017.

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