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Providing Fair Access to Housing
An Interview with Vincent Renard

by Stéphane Füzesséry & Nathalie Roseau , 6 June 2013
translated by Kate McNaughton
with the support of Institut français

Is there not a contradiction between the aims of sustainable urban development, which inflates the cost of housing, and the requirements of fairness in access to housing? Analysing the situation in France and comparing it to neighbouring European countries, Vincent Renard provides answers to this question.

Vincent Renard is an economist and research director at the CNRS, and specialises in issues related to the economy of land and real estate. He is currently an adviser to the management of the IDDRI, affiliated to Sciences-Po Paris. As the founder and manager, together with Joseph Comby, of the Association des Études Foncières (ADEF – Real Estate Studies Association), he has developed comparative analyses of urban economy and real estate economy in Europe, in several Latin American countries, and then in transitional countries, in particular in Russia, Ukraine and China. He carries out assignments for the OECD, the European Union, the World Bank, and the ECLAC.
The following interview was first published on La Vie des Idées in May 2012, and is now subtitled in English

If you have difficulties viewing this video, it is also available on Dailymotion.

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by Stéphane Füzesséry & Nathalie Roseau, 6 June 2013

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