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Divorce and Identity
An Interview with François de Singly

by Taraneh Moussavi , 1 July 2013
translated by Kate McNaughton
with the support of Florence Gould Foundation

How do we define ourselves? Should we abolish the concept of gender from the expression of our identity, due to its being a vehicle of inequality and injustice? In this interview, François de Singly explains that what is important is for every individual to be able to define the hierarchy governing the different dimensions of his/her identity.

François de Singly is a sociology lecturer at Paris Descartes University. His research looks into the sociology of family, of education, and of relationships between men and women. In this interview, he explains his ideas about identity, the definition of the self, the role of gender in identity and the consequences of divorce for female identity.

He recently published Séparée, published by Armand Colin, Paris, 2011; Comment aider l’enfant à devenir lui-même ?, published by Armand Colin, Paris, 2009 and Pluriel, Paris, 2010 and Les sociologies de l’individu, with Danilo Martuccelli, coll. 128, published by Armand Colin, Paris, 2009.

This video interview has English subtitles

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by Taraneh Moussavi, 1 July 2013

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