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Nature and Alternative Spaces
A Summer Selection, Part 1

by The editorial team , 15 July 2019

Books & Ideas is slowing down for the summer and will resume its publication schedule on August 26. In the meantime, we present to you a weekly selection of articles published over the last year.

Matthieu Calame, “Forest Resistance
By enmeshing infrastructures, power is able to curtail local particularities, exploit resources, and fight group autonomy. Inhabiting territories engaged in struggle makes it possible to resist power. “Being a forest,” whether in Notre-Dame-des-Landes or Borneo, means becoming ungovernable.
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Claire Larroque, “Thinking Through Wildlands
What do we owe to nature? And to which nature? Moving beyond dualistic praise of the wilderness, the philosopher Rémi Beau invites us to observe ordinary nature. In the indeterminate spaces of wildlands, it might be possible to find the source of a new ethical relationship. But what would be the practical implications?
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by The editorial team, 15 July 2019

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Cover picture: Forest understory, Lehigh County, within the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary, PXhere, CC Public Domain.

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